Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jeff Jordan on his famous dad: "He preferred me to go anywhere but Duke.''

The Chicago Sun-Times has a nice profile of Jeff Jordan today. A couple key excerpts:

On his choice of U of I:

"My mom [Juanita] is definitely more concerned about the academics,'' he said. ''She could care less about basketball. And my dad was definitely fine with me choosing Illinois. He said he'd support me and cheer for me wherever I went, and whether I played basketball or not. I think he would have liked for me to go to North Carolina, but he preferred me to go anywhere but Duke.''

On his brother Marcus:

His brother Marcus -- a highly regarded high school junior prospect -- is simply happy he picked a college that wears orange and blue, the colors of Marcus' new school, Young.

''Marcus wants me to get him some gear,'' he said with a laugh.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Days

Yes, we realize things have been a bit quiet here at Illinitalk lately. But then, college sports tend to be a bit quiet during the summer. I've been following the Cubbies, and they have me feeling fairly optimistic heading into the second half of the season.

In recent Illini news, football defensive coordinator Vince Okruch is taking a "temporary leave of absence for personal reasons." As always, Mark Tupper has a realistic perspective. Plus, a few football alums took their shot at the Big Screen. I don't catch many movies, but I do enjoy a good sports flick, and I've always wondered who did the action scenes...

Warren Carter didn't go in the NBA draft, but he did make the summer roster for the Mavs, his hometown team, only to be faced with a bum knee (stress fracture) that will keep him off the court for a while.

Shaun Pruitt wisely pulled out of the NBA draft, but he did get to hang out with LeBron this summer. Hopefully that will build his confidence for his senior year.

In older news, Illini freshman Q-Wat surely doesn't regret leaving California based on his first summer in Champaign. He can learn how to handle the spotlight from his roommate Jeff, and he will have some great college stories to tell, no matter where his basketball career takes him.

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