Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Giving Spirit

Happy New Year! Christmas has passed, but the spirit of giving has remained strong within the Illini men's basketball team. Big Ten Conference play has begun, and there has been one consistent theme for these boys. They love to give it away...the ball, a lead, their composure, etc.

And while this spirit is completely appropriate in many facets of life, it isn't necessary on the court. Illini turnovers have been painful in recent games. The passing game that can take your breath away (remember that Tracy Abrams dunk in the Minnesota game?) has also led to many passes to opponents.

There is plenty to like, as the Illini are 2-1 in the conference. Any road win is a bonus, given the way the conference looks right now, and winning at home is critical. Defense and rebounding have looked pretty good, as the Illini take advantage of their athleticism. Joe Bertrand has continued to come on strong, and earned a starting spot.

But they have plenty to improve on, as well. The offense needs to find a rhythm and flow - preferably with an even stronger focus on Leonard. And the turnovers really need to slow down. Significantly. On the court, that giving spirit should not extend beyond your teammates.

That said, stay on track, boys. Go Illini!


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