Monday, December 12, 2011

Progress Report

With finals in full swing on campus, the Illini looked a bit shaky against Coppin State Sunday evening. The final score didn't reflect how the Eagles fought back from a 17-point deficit to pull within 2 points of the Illini about halfway through the second half.

Although the Illini won comfortably, their "review" games before finals weren't that impressive. Both the St. Bonaventure and Coppin State games highlight that while the Illini are a strong team, they have lots of room to improve. And they need to focus on those improvements while taking exams, because the rest of the non-conference season will be as tough as those classroom tests. Next up: UNLV and Mizzou, both teams playing very well.

With all the youth on the team, here's a progress report to help them track where they are and where they need to go if they want end up near the top of the Big Ten.
Achieves expectations:
Needs improvement:

All that aside, the Illini deserve props for being 10-0 as they head to the United Center and then to St. Louis.

So, boys, study hard, take your tests, and rest up a bit this week. Because after these two tough games, the conference grind will begin.

Go Illini!


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