Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bring on Basketball Season!

Happy Basketball Season! The 2010-2011 Fighting Illini basketball team started their season ranked #16 in the country.

And they started their first regular-season game with intensity that fits a top-25 team. The Illini took off with hot 3-point shooting from Brandon Paul off the bench, sweet passing, finding the open man, jumping passing lanes and grabbing rebounds. Bruce had his boys clicking, and they led 42-18 at halftime.

The second half was a study in the Illini. They lost a bit of that edge, and the tendency to let up and let life mess with their heads showed up. This is the team that will need every trick Bruce Weber has in his coaching book to do what most Weber teams do and overachieve their potential.

Because this team has a lot of potential. Experienced, gifted veterans plus athletic sophomores with a season under their belt plus top-100 talent-level freshman could equal a special season.

Go Illini!


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