Saturday, September 18, 2010

Directional Victories

The Illini men's gymnastics team is nationally competitive. I don't know what Coach Justin Spring was up to today, but let's hope he was at Memorial Stadium -- or at least watching the football game. Apparently Nathan Scheelhaase was trying out for a spot on Spring's team today.

I love watching the gymnasts twist and flip through the air. But I have to be honest. Watching Scheelhaase fly through the air made me nervous. I like the QB's commitment to getting the first Illini touchdown going up and over the defender, but Scheelhaase did that a couple more times in an effort to get a few more yards. And unless he knows how to land and fall (like gymnasts do), he's risking serious injury on football field. Nathan, hurling your body through the air looks cool on the highlights, but it's a long season, and we'd prefer you be able to play the whole time.

Aside from Scheelhaase's acrobatics, the Illini had plenty of other moments that made fans nervous:
However, both games against in-state "directionals" showed potential strengths for the Illini as they head into a tough Big Ten schedule.
The Illini needed the wins against SIU and NIU before they head into the Big Ten season. Their conference schedule has a brutal start, with Ohio State coming to Champaign in two weeks, followed by trips to Happy Valley and East Lansing.

Go Illini!

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