Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Identity Crisis

I'm confused. And I think the Illini basketball team is, too.

No one really knows who they are. Are they really the team that battled back at Clemson to win, beat Michigan State and Wisconsin and played Purdue tough on the road? Or are they the team that lost to Bradley and Utah and played sluggishly at home in losses to Ohio State and Minnesota?

The Illini are consistently inconsistent. The past few games have been hard to take after a strong stretch in the heart of the Big Ten season. (I've been out and about for a week or so, but I've managed to catch the games.) The win over Michigan was anything but inspiring, and the loss to the Golden Gophers was painful -- though I give the boys credit for getting back in the game at the end. And then a second loss to Ohio State. Although the Illini played much better than they did at home against the Buckeyes, it was still a painful loss.

With just one more game left on the schedule before post-season play, the Illini need to find themselves. Here's hoping a win at home over the Badgers, if they can pull it off, will put them in the NCAA tournament...


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