Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flying Not-So-High

The 2009-2010 Fighting Illini basketball season has drawn to a close. And not the ending the team would have chosen.

The week began with a very strong performance against Kent State, where the Illini took over in the second half. They looked good.

But the Dayton Flyers brought it Wednesday night. They out-hustled the Illini much of the game. The Illini had plenty of chances, but missed layups and free throws and passes kept the Illini from getting all the way back in the game until the final minute. And by then, they just didn't have enough time to recover from their up to 16-point deficit.

The Illini were a solid team all year. But they just couldn't get it all together at critical points throughout the season. Even in their last game, they showed they had what it took, but couldn't quite fulfill that potential.

And that made it hard to watch. As I've mentioned before, this team wasn't easy to watch, but they certainly kept things interesting. So, congratulations, boys on making the most of a disappointing season. Work hard this summer. Work on your mental games. Get ready for some exciting freshmen. And let's see what next season will bring...


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