Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take the W...

Because this Illini team needs every win they can get. This was a tough one, but it had a happy ending: Illinois 72, Indiana 70.

This Illini team firmly believes in keeping their fans on edge. They apparently aren't in to playing with a lead. And Indiana went all out.

The first half was nice. Crisp passing. Beautiful assists. Strong play down low. The Illini were playing to their strengths. It looked like Illini basketball, and they had a nice lead.

But then in the final minutes of the first half, they made a few mistakes, had a few turnovers and all of a sudden, the Hoosiers tied the game on a crazy half-court shot from Devan Dumes.

In the second half, the Illini didn't look like quite the same team, but Demetri McCamey took over. And as the boys fell behind, he led them back, along with some key plays from Mike Tisdale. Bill Cole stepped up to tie the game on an open 3, as well.

But at the end, with the game tied, the ball belonged in McCamey's hands. Coming out of a timeout with 4.4 seconds on the clock, he drove and threw up a shot that somehow went in at the buzzer for the win.

So it was tense, but a win is a win, right? There's plenty of room for improvement as the Illini get ready for another tough stretch of conference play. And so every W counts.

Go Illini!

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