Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Tale of Two Halves...

Wow! That was fun! An Illini comeback worth getting excited about. And proof that, despite the disappointment in Vegas, the ’09-’10 Illini basketball team will be exciting to watch. Not always easy to watch, but certainly exciting.

This game is a perfect example
It was the worst of times (during the second 10-12 minutes of the game)...
It was the best of times (from about 2 minutes into the second half until the Illini took the lead, and eventually won)...

Let me break it down a bit

Good Hope Orange handed out much-deserved credit to both the players and Weber. And Chief made a good point about Bilas. His comment about the Clemson collapse bugged me -- and I didn't realize how inconsistent Jay was being. Yes, the Tigers collapsed, but much of that was due to pressure from a hungry Illini team, who were already embarrassed, as Weber told them at halftime.

To top it off, the Big Ten finally won the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Thank you Penn State, Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin (great game) and our own Illini! They signaled that the Big Ten is a conference to be reckoned with this year.

Go Illini!

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