Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like Mike

Sing with me now. "If I could be like Mike. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike."

Of course, that commercial was probably before the time of this Illini team. But they should be singing it this season, and not just because Jeff's dad is around at times. Who wouldn't want to be like Mike Tisdale and Mike Davis?

Mike & Mike are learning to take control of games (kind of like Jeff's dad), how to dominate. And against Northwestern, Tisdale led the way.

Tisdale had a monster game, scoring nearly half of the Illini points in the first half. He ended with a double-double, career-high 31 points, along with 11 rebounds. Oh, and 2 steals and 2 blocks. Unfortunately, he fouled out in the middle of OT. Otherwise, he could have racked up even more stats.

Davis also dominated, with yet another double-double: 20 points and 17 rebounds. Yes, the Big Ten's leading rebounder pulled down 17. When Tisdale had to sit down, Davis took over where he left off, scoring down low.

Mike & Mike showed passion and energy. They asked for the ball, shot well, passed it off and went after rebounds aggressively. And the Illini will have a much better season if they can all be a little more like Mike.

As the Illini prepare to head to the United Center to face Gonzaga, they all can work on cutting down turnovers, boxing out to prevent offensive boards and hustling a bit more.

But we will take the 1-0 start to the conference season. And we will watch to see if the rest of the team can be like Mike.

Go Illini!

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