Monday, November 16, 2009

Volleyball Update

The Illini lost in 3 sets to #1 Penn State last Friday, but they were competitive. Then they finished up their weekend road trip with a solid win at Ohio State. The match against the Buckeyes was on the Big Ten Network, and it was worth watching (especially since the Bears had already put up their disappointing performance for the week).

Coach Kevin Hambly's girls pass the ball well and hit strong. Senior KylieMcCullie and junior Laura DeBruler racked up several kills. And libero Rachel Feldman continues to improve as she fills the hole left by the season-ending injury to Ashley Edinger.

The Illini dominated the first two sets before falling in the third as the Buckeyes finally got thier passing game on track. The forth set was back-and-forth for a while, but the Illini eventually pulled away just enough to take the match.

The Illini should be able to finish the conference season strong, and hope to maintain second place behind Penn State. Then on to the post-season, which should be exciting. Once again, if you want an Illini team to get excited about, check these ladies out.

Go Illini!


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