Wednesday, October 07, 2009


My apologies for the lack of activity here the past week. Yes, the Ohio State game was depressing. Yes, the Penn State game was also depressing. But my lack of Internet connection, combined with multiple fall weddings, is to blame for the quiet on Illinitalk. (It's still not please be patient...)

So the Illini are really struggling. And the biggest challenge is themselves. At any sign of momentum, they often do something on their own to stop it.

However, as I’ve said in the past, true fans support their team. No matter what.

So it was nice to see a little activity on offense during the Penn State game, including a bit of production from the Florida transfer. And despite the major losses to injury on defense, they are holding better than they could (or maybe my expectations are just really low). And Memorial Stadium looks really good in Illini orange.

Changes are necessary, and the coaching staff finally seems to be willing to make some big ones. Let's hope they make a difference against Michigan State this weekend. However, the Spartans are looking pretty good this year...

Yes, it looks at this point to be a long football season. But I'll say it anyway...go Illini!


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