Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring and Championships

Finally, spring is in the air, and here in the Chicagoland area, snow is in the forecast just one more time (we hope). The Illini football team is practicing, the baseball and softball teams are on the field, the tennis teams are on the court (with the men ranked #12) and Illini fans could check out one guy on his way to campus on ESPNU.

Congratulations to the Big Ten Champion men's gymnastics team! The #4 Illini contended the entire night, but it took a team-high score on the pommel horse in the fifth rotation to put the Illini firmly in second place, 2.35 points behind the hosts and leaders, the Michigan Wolverines.

Then, in the 6th and final rotation, the Illini came through with their season-high score on the still rings to take the lead. A scoring error ended up giving the Wolverines a share of the title, as well, but the Illini stole the show by catching up on one of their weaker events. Definitely a championship worth watching!

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