Saturday, February 07, 2009

Road Woes

Midwest winters can be brutal. Road games in the Big Ten are tough. The college basketball season wears on young players. And those factors (plus actual play) combined to give the Illini another loss in Conference play.

Granted, it was unlikely that the Wisconsin losing streak would continue, but the Illini had their shots. They just didn't fall. The Illini got their share of open looks, but apparently the rims away from Assmebly Hall aren't very friendly.

The Badgers got more than their share of open shots, as well. Most of those dropped, giving Wisconsin a win...finally.

The Illini defense, which has been in everyone's face, took a bit of break in Madison. That, plus poor shooting, rebounding and a few too many tunrovers, isn't gonna help get any Ws on the road.

The Illini have heart, though. They made a couple promising runs that stalled before they really threatened the Badgers. And you have to appreciate the passing -- especially the Dominique Keller dunk, a SportsCenter highlight.

Up next: Purdue. The Boilermakers are playing a bit better and healthier than when the Illini visited West Lafayette. Protecting home court will be critical this weekend. Look for shots to start falling...slumps have to end sometime! And look for better defense, a point Bruce surely has stressed the last couple days.

Go Illini!


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