Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of Those Days

The Illini had one of those days Wednesday. You know, the ones you just have to forget because nothing went right. The loss at Assembly Hall to the Penn State Nittany Lions was a big setback in the Illini efforts to catch Michigan State at the top of the conference standings. The fact that the score was 38-33 could be a big setback in the mindset of the Illini as they go on the road to Ohio State this weekend.

The thing is, some things did go right. The Illini got quite a few of the shots they wanted. But nothing went in. Not even the Calvin Brock tip at the end of the first half. The Illini were active on the boards, especially early. But Penn State battled and held their own, as well. Defense was solid. The Illini held Ed's team to long scoreless stretches throughout the game. But then, the Nittany Lions returned the favor.

A lot more things didn't go the way they were intended. Shots didn't fall. Taylor Battle only got free a couple times, but that was all he needed. The Illini gave the ball away plenty of times. And, most noticeably, the Illini seemed to have no energy or desire. Actually, Bruce showed plenty of energy. The team? Not so much.

So forget it. It was one of those days. Move on. And get ready to take on the Buckeyes in Columbus. Illini fans will be looking forward to the return of the hungry, determined team that stole a win in Evanston and withstood a strong run in Bloomington.

Despite that game, Go Illini!


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