Wednesday, February 04, 2009

At Wisconsin

Conventional wisdom says that wounded, angry animals are especially dangerous on their own turf. And that's where the Illini will face the Badgers this week.

The Badgers have lost an unprecedented six straight Big Ten games. Bo Ryan is a good coach and he has a very capable group. They will eventually break their streak, and they are most likely to finally get a win on their home court.

The Illini can win in the Kohl Center. In fact, prior to this season, they gave Bo 2 of his 3 conference losses in Madison. But in order to do well, they need to get their shooters on track, continue to fight on the boards like they did against the Hawkeyes, keep Tisdale and Davis productive, and share and protect the ball.

Expect this to be another tough Big Ten game. Go Illini!


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