Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Under Pressure

The Illini didn't quite hold up under pressure, losing 76-74 to Clemson. And that last play caused flashbacks to last season, where the Illini just couldn't pull out close games. But despite the disappointing (and avoidable) loss, there was a lot to like in the play of the Illini. Here are several reasons I think the Illini will not revert to team we saw just miss in close games last year:

But there is plenty of room for improvement, as well. Could the Illini have come out the undefeated team? Definitely. Areas to work on include:

This was a disappointing loss, a game the Illini let slip away. But Clemson played a great game, using their strengths to come back from 8 down. As long as this doesn't become a pattern, Illini fans should have a pleasantly surprising season as we prepare for the arrival of a couple notable recruiting classes...

Go Illini!

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