Thursday, December 18, 2008

Highs and Lows

Illini linebacker Martez Wilson is out of the hospital after his surgery following his receiving two stab wounds early last Friday morning. Coach Zook said he was proud of Wilson for going to the aid of a former teammate. But the initial news on the ESPN ticker on Friday didn't reflect well on the Illini program. Wilson is expected to recover, and as the third leading tackler on the team, he could play a key role next year. I'm glad he's ok, but the incident is a low.

The Illini women's volleyball team didn't make it past the Sweet 16 last weekend, but that still marked their best season in five years, and outside hitter Laura DeBruler was named Second-Team All-American. Definitely a high.

Kentucky transfer Alex Legion is still expected to make his Illini debut somewhere in the rotation Saturday against Detroit. Sounds like he's been working hard and has a lot to offer -- but remember that he hasn't played in a game for quite a while. Let's hope this is a high...

Go Illini!

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