Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's on the Line?

A Jan. 1 bowl for NU. Bowl eligibility for the Illini. The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk forever. There's plenty to play for in today's in-state rivalry game for the Illini.

Today will be the last time the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk will be awarded, as Northwestern and the Illini agreed to retire the trophy after this year. In my opinion, this isn't as intense a rivalry as others in the Illini sports tradition. Mizzou and Indiana on the basketball court. Michigan just because they are Mighigan. Iowa anywhere, especially if you are from the western side of Illinois...NU isn't as high on my list. But the reason for retiring the trophy? That's what annoys me. Maybe the new trophy can be called Lincoln's Nose or the Cornfield Cup...any other suggestions?

Anyway, the game. The Wildcats have been surprising this season, and the Illini have been disappointing. And yet, because of the loyalty of Illini fans and the $$ we are willing to spend, a win today could give us a place to go over the holidays.

The challenge for the Illini hasn't changed this season. Minimize mistakes (turnovers, penalties) and captialize on the big plays that Juice and his recievers can make. The Wildcats have 23 seniors (including RB Tyrell Sutton) playing for the opportunity to have led just the 5th team in school history to have a 9-win season. Should be an entertaining game.

Go Illini!


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