Monday, November 10, 2008

Bowl Hopes Busted?

What is there to say? Western Michigan played a great game. The Illini -- not so much. It's hard to watch a team consistently (every-other week) not play to their potential, and with the loss to the Broncos, hope for a notable Bowl game is shriveling. Yes, wins over Ohio State and Northwestern would give the Illini 7 wins in a conference that has beat up on each other all fall, but one thing at a time.

Reasons to cheer (yes, there were a few):

Reasons to cringe:

The Illini once again didn't seem to have the fire or energy to play, but hopefully they will find it this week. Ohio State will be a tough game, even though it's at home. I'm confident that the defending national runners-up remember how they got their single regular-season loss. But a strong performance and a W would get the Illini to 6 wins -- and maybe the opportunity to head back to Detroit after Christmas...or maybe not.


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