Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Home, Tim

Dear Tim,
As a proud Illini alum yourself, you know how we take pride in welcoming distiguished Illini back to campus. I hope you appreciate all that the Illini gave you today:

We would have appreciated it if you, like most honored alums, willingly gave back as generously as you were given. Like a TD instead of that goal-line stand. That would have been nice. Or a little more room for Juice in general. Or maybe you should have just asked for the Illini to honor your return with a top-notch performance, instead of just focusing on getting the most out of your team.

I'm sure you noticed that campus and Memorial Stadium have both changed quite a bit since you were there. But excitement for Illini football is running high, much like it was in your day. And, as much as it hurts to admit it, your Gophers played really well, and the Illini looked like the team we saw against Louisiana-Lafayette instead of the team that played Michigan last week. (By the way, as an alum and a Big Ten coach, can you help but smile at their home loss to Toledo? Althought that does make things look worse for Bret in Madison...but I digress.)

On the somewhat brighter side for your alma mater, you got an up-close look at how quickly their offense can put points on the board. And in the 4th quarter, you saw a couple great pass coverage plays, and a beautiful forced fumble as well.

Anyway, congratulations on your return to Champaign. Just don't expect this treatment in the future.

Alma Mater


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