Monday, October 20, 2008

That's More Like It

The Illini looked like a different team this weekend when they welcomed the Hoosiers into town. Beyond the orange jerseys, they needed about two plays to get points on the board. And that was just the beginning.

Of course, Indiana is having a tough year, and starting QB Kellen Lewis stayed home, but it was encouraging to see the Illini look more like the team that went to Ann Arbor than the team that played the Gophers.

One highlight -- the Illini running game is looking stronger all the time. Jason Ford was given the chance to start, and he made the most of it, with 172 yards and 3 TDs. Daniel Dufrene has pleasantly surprised many, and with Mikel LeShoure and Troy Pollard, Zook has choices in the running game.

Juice continued to put up impressive numbers, and the Illini offense rolled. Even special teams got involved, with A.J. Jenkins returning a kickoff 96 yards for the final TD. Beyond A.J.'s nice moves, the final downfield block was fun to watch once or twice.

So now the Illini need to focus this week to get ready to face the struggling Badgers in Madison...


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