Saturday, October 04, 2008

Big Win in the Big House

We needed this one today, seeing as how we still have to play at Wisconsin. And as I write this, the Badgers are giving Ohio State all they can handle in Madison.

Anyway, I hope to write more later but my initial observations:

1. Juice is awesome. He's putting the offense and the team on his shoulders. The 50-yard run was the dagger and showed why he's probably going to be in contention for the Heisman next season.

2. The defense is driving me crazy. I thought at the beginning of the year our D-line was supposed to be top notch. They've shown themselves to be anything but. Can someone explain this to me? And this says nothing of the secondary. It's going to be a long game in Camp Randall in a couple weeks if these guys don't figure out how to cover the deep ball.

3. The TV coverage drove me nuts. I lost count at how many times the announcers threw out excuses for Michigan's poor play. It seemed to me that it took until Illinois finally put the game away for them to start giving Illinois the props we deserve. And could they have cut away to anymore shots of Coach Rich?

4. Which leads me to: From what I observed from his demeanor on the sideline, he's the perfect fit for the Wolverines in the tradition of previous coaches: always seems angry.

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