Saturday, October 25, 2008

Badger Preview

As the Illini head to Madison, high expectations for Juice and his offense have been re-established after their performance last week against Indiana. But they need to be on their game.

The Badgers are wounded. They are 0-4 in the Big Ten. That's hard to believe. And to think they may actually be 0-5? Not without a fight. The Badgers will show up to defend their home turf. They may have fallen to a weak Michigan team and an uncertain Iowa team on the road, but they had Penn State and Ohio State back-to-back at home. Obviously they are looking to avoid a repeat of those performances as they welcome the Illini for their homecoming.

I look forward to seeing which team Coach Zook brings to Camp Randall. If the team that played at the Big House shows up, we will have lots to cheer. But if the team that played the Gophers shows up, it could be a long afternoon. The Illini have managed to handle Hill and Beckum in the past, but this year's defense will have to work hard to repeat that success. Juice will need to continue directing an explosive offense with few mistakes.

It should be a good game...Go Illini!


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