Monday, September 15, 2008

Not A Ragin' Vicotry, But Still a "W"

The Ragin' Cajuns came uncomfortably close to tying or beating the Illini on Saturday. Ron Zook and his team may not be happy about Saturday's game, but it's still a win. The Illini are 2-1, with the loss against a team currently ranked #5. And the Illini even moved up in the polls.

I heard a few things to be excited about:

And I heard a few things that I hope we will see improvements on when the Illini head to Happy Valley in a couple weeks:

Hopefully Saturday's game served as a wake-up call, and the team will put in the hard work needed to consistently win in the Big Ten. But a win is still a win, putting a number in the column that will get the Illini closer to a bowl game. Let's build on it.


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