Saturday, September 13, 2008

BTN - Again

I believed that I could make peace with Comcast and the Big Ten Network after they came to an agreement this summer. I was wrong.

Illinois is playing in Champaign against Louisiana-Lafayette, and, according to my on-screen guide from Comcast, I should be able to watch it on channels 75 and 255. Unfortunately, I live in the Chicagoland area, so when I switched (with great anticipation) from College Game Day to the BTN to watch my boys, I was very surprised to see the water-soaked field at Northwestern, instead of Memorial Stadium. They are playing Southern Illinois (and just fell behind at the moment). Not good.

So then, I flipped on the radio. But it is raining hard, and the Chicagoland station carrying the Illini Sports Network doesn't have the strongest signal. Only one of my radios can pick it up. I am really not happy -- except that the Illini defense just made a solid stand in the red zone to limit ULL to a field goal, and they've recovered 2 turnovers, one that Brit Miller turned into a TD, so although the competition isn't exactly Mizzou, the defense is gaining confidence.

Next option -- I called a nearby Illini family member who has dish to see if I could catch the game there. But she informed me that the BTN is showing Iowa-Iowa State. Yes, that's a great rivalry game, but I just want to be able to watch MY team on the network that claims to have a Fighting Illini channel (yes, I know better than to believe commercials). It shouldn't be this difficult.

Granted, this isn't a critical game, but my schedule kept me from being able to enjoy the pounding of Eastern last week, so I hoped to enjoy a pounding today, before I head to the wedding that will prevent me from catching tOSU @ USC tonight. And the BTN, in theory, was supposed to help me do that. At the moment, I am completely disgusted with the Big Ten Network.


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