Friday, June 27, 2008

Reality Television comes to the land of the Orange and Blue

Illini fans should be glad that the Big Ten Network and Comcast finally came to an agreement so they won't miss what could be some very interesting "reality" TV this fall. The Illini will be the featured team in season two of the BTN's series called "The Journey." The series will give fans an inside look at all the happenings with the Fighting Illini football team.

Coach Zook was a bit hesitant to sign off on the Illini's participation at first (and I don't blame him), but he just couldn't resist the potential recruiting benefits that could come out of theis extra television exposure of his team. Let's hope it was worth the gamble and pays off!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather that has finally arrived. Have a great 4th of July next week!

Go Illini!

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