Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NCAA Championship Game plus Martez Wilson

While I was not a fan of either team last night in the NCAA Title Game, it was a great and fun college basketball game to watch. I was a bit disappointed to see Memphis lose as I felt they outplayed Kansas for much of the game but missed free throws and mental mistakes catch up to you against great opponents. I felt like I was watching Illinois shoot free throws during those last few minutes.

I have to say that negotiation tactic or not, does it really surprise anyone that almost immediately after his team won the national championship, Bill Self leaves the door wide open with regards to the Oklahoma State job? That is who he is and it hasn't changed during the five years he has been at Kansas.

For those of you (Alma Mater) already looking forward to college football season, check out today's article in the Chicago Tribune about the Illini's Martez Wilson. He should be fun to watch over the next two to three years.

Until later, GO ILLINI!

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