Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Just The Same Old Story

This afternoon, the Illini looked to be writing a familiar story. Up by 10 with 5 minutes to play, the Illini lead steadily slipped away. The Nittany Lions made 2 free throws to take the lead with 2 minutes left, and Illini fans know what that has meant this season. This team showed promise early in the season, but after more close losses than I care to count, the boys seemed to have their heartbreaking late-game routine perfected.

But not today. Chester Frazier managed to write a different story with a tough reverse layup with 3.8 seconds left. Penn State's last shot didn't fall, and the Illini won a close game. Finally! The Illini won a great close game. Yes, the season will end with their next loss, but the Illini have a great history in the Big Ten Tournament and anything is possible...

Go Illini!


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