Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nice Run

So the Illini weren't able to sweep their Big Ten Tournament opponents and find a line on the brackets -- but kudos to Georgia for succeeding in the SEC. Last weekend was still a nice run.

We saw the team we thought we'd see more of all season -- strong senior leadership, a dominant post game, intense defense, great rebounding, solid free throw shooting, driving guard play, lots of assists, and a will to win. Yes, you had to be a fan to truly appreciate the games. The fatigue factor made offense a bit painful to watch at moments over the weekend, but the Illini really hung in there all weekend, until Wisconsin started taking -- and hitting -- 3s.

The weekend also can set a strong tone for next year. McCamey, Tisdale and Davis got good experience to build on for next year. There is optimism around the additions to the '08-'09 team. Bruce has learned (I trust) more about getting his team to buy in to his philosophy and practice his principles.

I am curious to see where the team will go from here...but only time will tell.

But for now, it's time to pick my brackets...


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