Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Road Show

The Illini welcomed Tubby Smith to the Big Ten with an impressive show on the road -- definitely a treat this season. And it really was a show: 84 points, nearly 60% shooting, Trent hitting 3s, a double-double for McCamey, the Orange Krush in the balcony -- and a 24-point victory. The Barn is one of the few places in the Big Ten where the Illini shine.

The Illini closed out this game with authority and balanced scoring. Even with Randle and Pruitt on the bench with fouls, the team passed for the open shot and defended intensely. The team played well for 40 minutes. Hopefully this road win (the first since Hawaii) will help the Illini make a strong run to finish the season.

Tubby is making great progress with his new team, and he is likely to help them break the Illini 18-game winning streak over the Gophers, but for now, we'll savor a strong conference win.

Go Illini!

P.S. Good Hope Orange, I agree that Rick was way off base...


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