Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Something New

A late-game run. Nice. Not enough to cover the 15-point deficit to tOSU, but still, cutting it to as close as 3 points in the waning minutes after being down by that much -- that's something new from this Illini team. And that was without Pruitt.

The pieces are there. They just need to put them together and figure out how to overcome whatever the "challenge" happens to be on any given day, like poor shooting (tOSU), turnovers (Purdue), poor rebounding (Penn State), foul trouble or free throws (lots of games). This team is close. They have shown flashes of promise, and sometimes even full games (like Michigan).

Again, this will be a tough season, but we can handle it. Hang in there, boys -- and fans. There is hope for the future. Go Illini!


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