Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Roses!!!

It has been 23 years since Illinois last played in the Rose Bowl. With tonight's announcement of the pairings for the five BCS games, we can officially say that the drought has ended! With West Virginia and Missouri both losing over the weekend, it guaranteed Ohio State would move into the title game, opening the door for our Illini. I am sure the Rose Bowl folks considered taking Georgia to fill their open slot but I am very glad to see that they decided to keep the traditional Pac 10 - Big 10 matchup.

Since the Illini haven't been to the Rose Bowl in quite some time Terry Bannon of the Tribune put together a little history lesson for everyone. Also, the Sun-Times has an AP article with quotes from Coach Zook as well as Juice that I think you might enjoy.

Congratulations to Coach Zook and all of the players--this is an honor that is well-deserved. USC is going to be a very tough team but if Illinois can play like it did against Ohio State and Northwestern to close the season, it should be fun to watch what happens. It is great to be playing on New Year's Day again in the Granddaddy of them all! I would love to make the trip to Pasadena (I am sure every Illini fan is saying that right now) but don't know yet if that will happen. If you are looking for travel options, check out the University of Illinois Alumni website or click here to go straight to the alumni tour provider. FOR TICKET INFORMATION, which is separate from the travel arrangements, you need to CLICK HERE.

Until later, GO ILLINI!

P.S. I just got done watching the Final Word on Fox 32 in Chicago. Thank you to them for using the Chief emblem when showing the Rose Bowl pairings. This Illini Fan appreciates it!

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