Saturday, November 17, 2007

Going to...Miss the Game

I love my family. Really, I do.

But a wedding today? With the Illini alone in third place in the Big Ten, and Northwestern visiting Champaign? I know I sent in my RSVP, but Memorial Stadium would be an exciting place to be today. And it's less than an hour down the road.

Anything can happen, but a win over the Wildcats today will give the Illini a shot at a high-profile, warm-weather bowl game. Exciting stuff.

Plus, it's Senior day. J Leman, Jason Reda, Antonio Steele, Chris Norwell, Jacob Willis, Russ Weil, Justin Harrison, Kevin Mitchell, Akim Millington, Mike Ware...a total of 23 seniors are playing their last game at Memorial Stadium. These guys have watched the Illini footall program turn around -- from the sidelines and the field.

But I won't be able to watch. I'll be at my brother's wedding. I love my family.

Go Illini!

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