Monday, November 26, 2007

The Challenge

I like this take on the ACC/Big 10 Challenge. The games can be hyped, but it's early in the season, and while these wins can build momentum (think Illinois over Wake Forest in '04), they really don't mean much.

That said, this marketing ploy gives us a chance to get to know the Big 10 a bit better. The landscape has changed quite a bit, with Tubby Smith, John Beilein and Todd Lickliter on the sidelines. See this quick take on the games for additional thoughts, although Iowa lost this evening.

It also means we have to hear about how dominating the ACC is, how delightful their "diaper dandies" are, how the Dookies embody basketball perfection, how Roy Williams has revitalized UNC with the help of Tyler Hansbrough, etc. The one ACC story that I can appreciate is the challenge facing new Wake Forest coach Dino Gaudio as he and the team grieve the late Skip Prosser.

But, as Maryland Coach Gary Williams noted, "We had four teams in the (2006 NCAA) tournament. We've beaten the Big Ten in [every] ACC Challenge, and the Big Ten's gotten more teams in than us in five of those seven years, I believe." It's early, Gary, relax. And enjoy the game Wednesday night.

Go Illini!

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