Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bowl predictions

CBS Sportsline has us playing Florida in the Cap One Bowl on New Year's Day. Not a bad draw. Florida is one tough team and would be a very challenging game for our still-young Illini in Florida. The media would go crazy over the Zook-Florida storyline and it sure couldn't hurt our recruiting, especially in the Sunshine State, either.

They also have us possibly sneaking into a couple of the BCS Bowls: The Fiesta against Kansas and the Sugar against LSU.

Of that scenario I'd definately take the Fiesta Bowl. That would be a very winnable game for us and good publicity for our program. Replaying the '01 Sugar Bowl in what amounts to home-field advantage for LSU doesn't excite me at all.

All of this begs the question again: why don't we have a playoff? It would be so simple to design and institute. It makes no sense.

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