Saturday, October 13, 2007


That one hurt. Iowa was a desparate team who played well at home, and the Illini seemed easily rattled. Iowa showed the Illini that they have lots of room for improvement.

However, this team is miles ahead of where I expected them to be at the beginning of the season. I hate that of all teams, we lost to Iowa, but although this loss was disappointing, there are still positives:

At the beginning of the season, I figured Illinois would be about 3-4, at this point and would have to relearn how to win as they headed back to Champaign for Michigan and Ball State before having a legitimate shot at winning a road game in Minneapolis. Instead, we are 5-2, and although 6-1 would be wonderful, we should be bowl eligible by the end of the month. I was afraid that we would need to beat Northwestern to get to 6 wins. I hoped we would get one surprise win at home. We got two -- against ranked opponents (although I still maintain that this year's rankings are meaningless). Of course I want more, but we've come a long way, and these boys deserve a lot of credit for what they've accomplished.

Next week will be a tough game, as Michigan seems to have recovered from it's rough start and is undefeated in the Big Ten. But it should be exciting. We have a good, improving team. Michigan has proven to be vulnerable. It's a night game in Champaign. As long as the refs that did the 2000 game are far, far away, Illinois has a good chance at winning that one.


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