Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Illini Buzz

If you haven't watched it already, you really need to check out the link Chief provides in his post below. It is outstanding! It is great to finally have positive results on the football field and you can sense the buzz that is continuing to build about this year's Fighting Illini football team. The Tribune has a nice story today about the players feeling this buzz on campus. The story also provides some insights from the players about the team. Meanwhile, the Sun-Times features a story on how receiver and kick returner Arrelious ''Rejus'' Benn has ignited the Illini with his electric play. Get used to reading about him--he is going to give sports writers a lot to write about as an Illini and eventually as a pro on Sundays.

Finally, this last article wasn't about the Illini but it made me smile. The headline speaks for itself--"Michigan may face forfeit." Just makes you want to shed a tear doesn't it?

Have a good day everyone and GO ILLINI!

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