Friday, October 12, 2007

Joseph Bertrand to Illinois

Sun-Times' Michael O'Brien reports that Joseph Bertrand committed to Illinois last night.

This is very good news. O'Brien points out that the Richardson, Paul, Bertrand haul comes about a year after the guy Deron Williams affectionately referred to as "I don't know who that is" threw Weber under the bus by stringing him along. All you have to do is take a look at Illinois' '07 and '08 recruiting classes to see the impact that had.

Now, is the well still poisoned? Has Weber exorcised the demons?

Only time will tell but this is a very good start. Usually all it takes is one player to get the ball rolling and now we have three. Sorta reminds me of the roll Thad Matta got on about a year or two ago when guys started committing to him in droves.

Now I'm not saying Weber is Matta, or even Ron Zook for that matter, but if he can consistently recruit like this and turn it into a pattern, we should be in very good shape. BTW, this should also solidify Jereme Richmond in the '10 class.

Welcome to Guard U. fellas.

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