Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flag on the Play

It's been a few days, but I'm still seeing little patches of yellow when I close my eyes. Illinois did a lot of things right...back-to-back sacks, slipping out of the grasp of tacklers, breaking up passes, moving the ball fairly well, Benn standing up despite being surrounded by four defenders.

The game was ours to win or lose, but until that winning instinct is fully engrained in our program, the mistakes will get us. The occasional personal foul happens in the course of a game or a season, but to give up more than 100 yards in penalties with so many 15-yard automatic first downs? Ouch. That's tough to recover from, especially for a young team.

But that's past. Let's look forward. Ball State played Nebraska really tough, but that looks less impressive now than it did then. Although this is a game the Illini should win, we can't take anything for granted. Play hard, get a win, and become bowl eligible...that's a good gameplan for this weekend.


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