Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do You Remember?

The Illini football team has a big game this weekend, in case you haven't heard. Michigan, the team who was 0-2 about a month and a half ago, is undefeated in the Big Ten. And they are heading into a sold-out Memorial Stadium for a night game this Saturday.

How big would a win be? Do you remember the last time Illinois beat Michigan at home? Before any member of the roster was born. 1983 was a few years ago. In fact, most players have no memory of the game the Illini should have won against Michigan in 2000. They were in grade school.

But while I have few memories of the 1983 season, I do remember the game the refs stole in 2000. (And yes, I believe I can say that. After all, the Big Ten offered an apology the next day.) And although it won't be easy, I think this team has a chance to ease the pain of those memories.

The 2007 Michigan team is tough to figure. After becoming the laughingstock of the college football world at the beginning of the season, beating Notre Dame set them on track to return to the top 25. They've had a variety of injuries to their stars, but the Illini will face a healthy team that is recovering nicely from the App St. and Oregon debacles.

The Illini just experienced the bitter taste of defeat after two great wins. The home field advantage clearly boosts this young team. Saturday's game should be a really good one.

Go Illini!


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