Friday, October 12, 2007

Chris Fowler confirms: GameDay edging closer to Champaign

Fowler is very fair when it comes to Illini football in this article. First we have to get through what he's calling a "trap game" in Iowa City this weekend. But man I like the sound of this:

But know this: Saturday's visit is still a test for Illinois. Yes, it is now officially possible for Illinois to be playing a "trap" game, after the two emotional wins. That's because Michigan visits next week. Not that the players should let something like this affect them, but the Illini are a win away from probably playing host to "GameDay" for the first time. GameDay with Champaign wishes and caviar dreams? Robin Leach in the house? Who knows?

BTW, be sure to check out the "two flights and a drive" segment at the end of his article. Interesting stuff. I'm still waiting for the Worldwide Leader to pluck Illinitalk's own Alama Mater as sideline reporter. Corso, if you're reading this, she'd be great.

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