Friday, September 07, 2007

WIU Preview

Fans will get a good look at the construction in Memorial Stadium as the Illini host the Western Illinois Leathernecks Saturday. WIU is coming off a four-overtime victory over South Dakota State University, and their redshirt freshman QB played an excellent game.

The Illini should win this home opener, but no team can be taken for granted, as Appalachian State and Bowling Green reminded the Big Ten last week. Coach Zook has made it clear that he is ready for a win, and so is the Illini Nation.

After one game, the Illini lead the Big Ten in with 316 passing yards, yet they place last in rushing at 119 yards. Interesting stats for an offensive coordinator tagged one of the "rising stars" among Big Ten assistants. Mike Locksley has a great chance to build his coaching resume with the talent on the Illini roster this season. With Juice and McGee both able to run the offense, and Benn leading the receivers, we should be able to score.

There are a lot of questions, of course, (turnovers, special teams, etc.) but the most important one in my mind is: What nearby establishments carry the Big Ten Network? I would like to watch the game.

Go Illini!

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