Sunday, September 23, 2007

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My thoughts from yesterday:

1. Great win on the road! Should do a lot to help change the culture of losing and build confidence. (BTW, I'm glad we beat IU on the gridiron because I'm a lot less confident of our chances on the hardwood.)

2. Our defense just rocks the house. J Leman and V. Davis are studs, even though V got beat for a TD...he made up for it later in the game with the IT. I thought he was gonna go out of his mind when he got beat. It's nice to see guys get really upset when they're scored on.

3. Rashard.

4. Can we please hire Peyton Manning to come over to Champaign and teach Juice how to hit his receivers? I know some of the drops weren't his fault but if he were to execute the passing game like he does the option, we'll really be dangerous.

5. Big Ten Network. Totally see Alma Mater's point below but disagree. Sports TV is a huge business and this is all about money. I would say now that BTN has Direct TV and Dish, the heat really is on Comcast to pony up. If they offer something like the Tennis Channel, they should offer BTN.

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