Monday, September 17, 2007

Rushing Ahead

Our boys looked pretty good against the Orange. For the moment, I am going to ignore the fact that Syracuse went into the game ranked close to last in total offense, and a bit better (91 out of 119) on defense. The Illini can celebrate a convincing road win!

From what I heard and saw, the Illini were able to move the ball nearly at will, and the defense held the Orange most of the game. According to radio color announcer Kurt Kittner, the first two scores for 'Cuse were linked directly to Illini mistakes. And since he was on the field the last time the Illini were a respectable football team, I guess I'll take his word for it.

The Illini are in good shape headed into conference play. A near-win against a very good power conference team, a shut-out against Western, and a convincing performance against a weak power conference team. Bring on Indiana, Minnesota (struggling in non-conference play) and Northwestern (who lost to Duke at home -- did you know Duke had a football team?). We should be able play with Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan (who apparently can play defense when the O-line is non-existant) at Memorial Stadium. Iowa and Ohio State on the road will be a challenge, but add Ball State for Homecoming, and a .500 season is a real possibility.

Let's keep the team healthy, and get ready for Big Ten football!
Go Illini!


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