Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Memo to Notre Dame recruits: Charlie Weis will throw a fit if you decide to transfer

Yet more evidence of things wrong in South Bend.

All former Irish QB Demetrius Jones wants to do is transfer to Northern Illinois.

Who can blaim him?

He lost his starting job to this guy under, according to Jones, some not-so-cool circumstances.

The Irish are 0-3.

They have no offensive touchdowns through three weeks.

They are stuck at the top (or bottom depending on how you look at it) of ESPN's Bottom 10.

And the list goes on....

Probably not the best time for Charlie Weis to be treating is players, I mean former players, like dirt. But that's ok.

All those guys Notre Dame is trying to recruit can come to Illinois and play for someone who understands his players.

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