Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Juice/Michael Robinson comparisons and Zook on Joe Pa

Over on the other Illinitalk (we were named that first btw) John Supinie has an interesting comparison between Juice Williams and former Penn State QB Michael Robinson.

I can see Supinie's point. However, I'm still not convinced we can hang with and have a chance to beat Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan or even Iowa in Iowa City unless Juice's completion percentage starts to go up.

I'm not asking for Peyton Manning. All Juice has to do is complete about 5-6 more passes a game and it'll make a huge difference. Steady improvement should be the goal and so far that's been happening. The offense is already clicking much better than last year. Once Juice and his class become upperclassmen I think we'll really notice a difference.

Anyway, Supinie also has some quotes from Zook on Joe Pa. My favorite:

Zook doesn’t expect to hang in there as long as the 80-year-old Paterno.

“I just hope I’m living at 80,” Zook said.

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