Friday, September 07, 2007

Darius Miller (Webster's project) to UK

This should not surprise anyone. I think it's important to note what Miller said, though:

"Yeah Coach Webster was a big part of it. He recruited me the most at Illinois and when he decided to come to Kentucky that really helped. He is a great guy and I like him a lot."

As I've said before, the assistant opening for the Illinois hoops program is a great opportunity to bring in a powerhouse recruiter. I just wish Webster didn't leave since it's pretty obvious he was the best recruiter on staff.

Again, it goes without saying that this is a pivotal time for the hoops program. I hope a top-notch recruiter can right the ship but Weber has to land him first.

And even if he does, I don't think my biggest fear is unreasonable: Webster was getting recruits interested in Illinois and Weber couldn't close the deal. Therefore Webster left for greener pastures to avoid a meltdown.

If true, Illinois needs a recruiter who can close. Otherwise, mail it in...we're done.

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