Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cancer Awareness

As one of my "sisters" commented earlier, Illini Madness will be supporting Coaches vs. Cancer by selling pink Illini t-shirts as tickets to the event. When it comes to pink at sporting events, I have very definite opinions, similar to those expressed here, although pink on its own does have a legitimate place.

However, I do believe cancer awareness is a worthy cause, and one that deserves support. Although my first reaction to the plan for Illini Madness was a bit uncertain, I respect this effort, and would wear the pink shirt for Illini Madness. After all, this is a "family" event, and as the Illini nation, this is an appropriate venue to make a strong statement in support of Coaches vs. Cancer. All the attendees will be cheering for the 2007-08 Fighting Illini team, and I trust that potential recruits will be impressed by our support for a worthy cause.

But, I ask those planning to attend Illini Madness to leave the pink shirt at home when it comes to actual games. Orange is the only appropriate color for Assembly Hall when another team is visiting, although blue is acceptable. But unless Orange Crush is using pink to mock opponents, the pink shirt should be relegated to class, random errands, household chores, etc., especially if it is as ugly as she claims.

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