Saturday, September 22, 2007


For a few months, the Big Ten Network has been "campaigning" to encourage conference fans to ask their cable or satellite providers to offer the network in their package. I've seen commercials during games on major channels. I've heard commercials on the radio. And I've seen ads online. The theme is simple -- request the BTN.

Well, Comcast, one major cable carrier in the heart of Big Ten country who is still "negotiating" with the BTN, has taken note. They have launched their own campaign, saying that the BTN should be a choice -- rather than making everyone pay for it. The ad I saw reminded me of a political campaign.

I am disappointed in the BTN. I used to be able to watch most games on a local channel. Now, even if I make an effort to see a game, I have no guarantee that I will be able to hear or see it. But I am irritated by the campaigning from my cable carrier, too. I appreciate their spin on the network to back their position, but I'm disgusted with both sides. I just want to watch football (and basketball).


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